• Do I need to install ActivInspire to run Promethean ActivOffice?
  • Can I input previously-created question sets?
  • Can I use Promethean ActivOffice simultaneously with ActivInspire?
  • Can I use existing PowerPoint® slides with Promethean ActivOffice?
  • Can I run a self-paced test using Promethean ActivOffice?


  • I’ve heard that Microsoft Windows 7 supports touch functionality. Do I need a Windows 7 machine to be able to use ActivInspire 1.6?
  • I don’t have a touch-enabled board. Can I still use ActivInspire 1.6 with my regular ActivBoard?
  • Which languages are supported?

ActivInspire 2.0

  • Who are the target users for the new ActivInspire 2.0 release?
  • What languages are available for ActivInspire 2.0?
  • How does an existing ActivInspire 1.x user upgrade to ActivInspire 2.0?
  • What Operating Systems are supported by ActivInspire 2.0?
  • Are there ActivInspire features that have been removed on this release?
  • Can I use ActivInspire 2.0 without using or registering to ClassFlow?
  • Are all the ActivInspire 2.0 ExpressPoll question types supported on the ClassFlow Student app?
  • Are Self-Paced questions supported when using the ClassFlow Student app?
  • Can I use ActivExpressions and ActivEngage2 devices with ActivInspire 2.0?
  • Can I see ClassFlow Student Polling results in ActivInspire?